Thursday, February 15, 2007

Task 8 - Explore

Jim Mora's famous playoff rant

(You may or may not be able to watch the embedded video here depending on what computer you're using to access this page)

I always post this on my fantasy football message board during playoff time.

Youtube has really blown up in the last few years. It's a great innovative medium for people from all over the world to share any and all aspects of life.

Youtube username: pvldguy

Task 7 - Explore Wikipedia

Added a blurb to the PVLD wiki entry linking to the library's Calender.

I've been using wikipedia for a long time it seems. It's great that many people can collaborate on entries and keep them up to date. This is can be a downside as well since anyone can make an edit. The wikipedia team as well as those who take pride in the information posted do a great job fixing most errors though.

Wikipedia username: pvldguy

Task 6 - Instant Messaging

[17:16] socalc76: this message will self destruct in....
[17:16] *** Auto-response from PVLD2007: Conratulations! You have successfully sent an Instant Message. Please copy and paste this text into your blog.

The buddy list allows you to see which contacts are online/offline and why (depending on what IM service you use.

Task 5 - Explore Flickr

This cheeky little guy is a Kea, the world's only alpine parrot. They like to get into trouble.

Here's a link to my Flickr page. I quickly threw up a couple pics from my New Zealand trip.

Task 4 - Take A Digital Photo

Here's a photo from my 2004 trip to New Zealand. Check out the amazing green color of this thermal pool near Rotorua.

Task 3 - RSS

Here are some RSS feeds and links I added to Bloglines
These in no way represent all the sites that suck my precious free time away:
Anandtech (for the tech forums)
[H]ardOCP (again, for the forums)
Boing Boing (for the crazy news)
Digg (for everything basically)

Bloglines seems easy enough to setup. Firefox has a built in RSS feature using what are known as Live Bookmarks. Check here for a tutorial on setting it up. I only see references to Firefox 1.5 and up so I'll assume it works for 2.0 as well if you've made the leap.

Task 1 & 2

Well, here we are. Finally created a blog after setting up another free webmail account to go with the 30,000 others I've made and forgotten. I chose gmail again as it's my favorite of the free webmail services allowing the most functionality and tweaking IMO. In the past you could only sign up for gmail if you received an invitation. It appears that this is no longer necessary. There is now a direct link Sign up for Gmail on the homepage.

Let's see, why am I participating in PVLD's Learning 2.0 project? First of all, I think it's a great idea for all the staff to discover some of the great online technologies available to us. The more we know about what's going on in this "world" the more capable we are to meet the needs of the public. The online world is constantly evolving and it can be quite intimidating to jump in amongst all the tech savvy 14 and 15 year olds who are at the forefront of this evolution with their myspace pages, youtube videos and juvenile script kiddie attacks ;)
Completing these tasks can only help us to be a part of this great online world.

By the way, the "CS" in my name refers to one of the best online first person shooters ever created. I'll let you figure out exactly what it is. Google is your friend.

Lastly, the picture above is from the legendary finale of this years NFC Wild Card game between the Dallas Cowboys (boo!) and the Seattle Seahawks.

Where's my Wii???